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Pregnancy Dengel / የ እ ር ግ ዝ ና ደ ን ገ ል


የ እ ር ግ ዝ ና ደ ን ገ ል

✔️ትንሹ የነፍሰጡር ደንገል በብር 664.00
✔️መካከለኛ የነፍሰጡር ደንገል በብር 918.00
✔️ትልቅ የነፍሰጡር ደንገል በብር 1,788.00
✔️ U ቅርፅ የነፍሰጡር ደንገል በብር 2,500.00
✔️ C ቅርፅ የነፍሰጡር ደንገል በብር 2,800.00

The mom-to-be suffers sleep disorders especially during the trimester months pregnancy as her belly grows bigger and bigger. This also results in back pain and exhaustion during the day time. Pregnancy Dengel for the mom-to-be provides the support she needs throughout her pregnancy when sleeping by embracing her belly, filling up the gap between her waist and the bed and by supporting her thighs and knees. When Pregnancy Dengel helps her sleep well at night the mom-to-be will have a healthy and brighter time during the day.


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