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Lumbar Support Dengel / የ ወ ገ ብ ድ ጋ ፍ ደ ን ገ ል


የ ወ ገ ብ ድ ጋ ፍ ደ ን ገ ል


Lumbar Support Dengel

A life style of sitting long hours and faulty seating posture have become the leading causes of lower back pain and seating discomfort which in turn lead to various health complications and reduced productivity. Without proper support the natural ‘’S” shape of our spinal column straightens and then becomes ‘’C” shaped resulting in a slouched appearance (poor posture) and leading to lower back pain, upper back tension and added stress to the neck and shoulder areas of our back. It is becoming ever more important to aid our seating to achieve a good seating posture while avoiding unnecessary stress and discomfort. It is an easily portable pillow used in the office, at home or while travelling on a vehicle by being placed between the back and the backrest of the seat to bridge the gap between the two. That way it helps to achieve anatomically correct seating posture and offers great support to the pelvis, lumbar vertebrae and spine reducing unnecessary load from the spine. And once the spine gets rest, the overall health improves.



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