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IPL Hair Removal Device


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IPL Hair Removal Device apply very gentle pulses of light to the hair root. This IPL Hair Removal Device makes the hair go into its resting phase, the hair you have falls out, and gradually your body grows less hair in that area. That smoothness lasts a long time, too.

100% High Quality and Original 

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light technology.

  • ከምላጭ እጅግ የተሻለ ጸጉር መላጫ ለሴትም ለወንም የሚሆን ሙልጭ አድርጎ የሚላጭ
  • ጸጉር ቶሎ እያደገ እንዳያስቸግር ከሥር የሚያነሳ
  • ከቆዳ ላይ ጸጉርን ያለ ምንም ትግል በቶሎ የሚያነሳ
  • ቆዳን ከመቆረጥና ጭረት የሚጠብቅ ቆዳን የማያጠቁር
  • መንገድ ወይም ፊልድ ሲወጡ ይዘውት ለመሄድ ተመራጭ
  •  ጸጉር ባለበት ቦታ ሁሉ የሚጠቀሙበት
  • ለሁሉም የቆዳ ዓይነቶች እና ቀለሞች ተስማሚ
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