Adjustable Moving Roller Wheels


Adjustable Moving Roller Wheels Stand with Brake. length can be easily extended from 45cm to 70 cm.
Portable for furniture like refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, mini fridge, etc
  • Double-row design, simple in structure and free of installation. The length can be easily extended from 45cm to 70 cm, which gives you enough freedom to apply this furniture dolly to different sized. 
  • Each set of moving wheels is equipped with 24 polypropylene casters, increased contact surface between moving wheels and floor, enabling you to spend little strength to move furniture smoothly
  • The height of the mobile rolling base is 1-1/2 inches, providing firm support while meeting your daily use. This mobile rolling base can effortlessly elevate your furniture off the floor, keep the furniture bottom dry and ventilated, effectively extending service life. Also, it is convenient for you to clean the bottom area of furniture and keep the floor clean
  • Each washer stands with two foam non-slip pads, offering better grip and protection to your furniture. One end of the washing machine stands with lock brake, effective to reduce and prevent the washing machine from slipping or shaking, improving the washing machine stand’s stability and security
  • Thicken white power coat finish steel frame structure brings strong load bearing support, 300kg maximum load capacity for each moving roller. 

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