Acarid Dust Suction Mite Remover

Acarid Portable Dust Suction Mite Removal is a Powerful suction capability to effectively remove Acarid and dust mites from mattresses, pillows, carpets, and upholstery. Portable and rechargeable design.

Br3,200.00 Br3,300.00

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Acarid Dust Suction Mite Remover is a Mite Removal device for Home Bed, Sofa, Mattress, Pillows, Cloth and many more vacuum cleaner and Dust Remover Cleaning Tool for  your home environment.

High Quality  and Original  Dust Suction Mites Remover

  • ሶፋ፡ አልጋ፡ ትራስ፡ ብርድ ልብስ፡ አንሶላ ስር ያሉትን የሚያፀዳውን ተባይ መከላከያ በመጠቀም ቤትዎን ፅዱ አድርገው ጤናዎን ይጠብቁ!!
  • ረጅም ርቀት ድረስ የሚከላከል/Deep Vacuuming
  • Wireless ፣ ቻርጅ የሚደረግ እና ከ 1 ሰዐት በላይ የሚያስጠቅም
  • UV light በመጠቀም የሚፈለፈሉ እንቁላሎችን ሳይቀር የሚያጠፋ Deep Suction ያለው
  • አቧራን ሰብሰቦ በማስወገድ ንፁህ አየር የሚሰጥ
  • ጠንካራ እና ለአያያዝ የሚመች
  • በቻርጅ የሚሰራ

Say goodbye to Acarid or dust mites with this powerful remover, specially designed to eliminate microscopic pests & create a healthier environment for you.

Both a vacuum cleaner and a mite removal instrument, which can be used for both car and home use. One machine can meet multiple needs

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